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CELLULITE CORRECTION EXPERT GEL reduces the appearance of spongy and sagging skin on the thighs, stomach, and other problem areas. The product is paraben-free and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients to meet the latest important consumer demands.


CELLULITE CORRECTION EXPERT GEL delivers multiple benefits and real results as it helps tighten, firm, and tone the thighs, stomach, legs, arms, and buttocks. Its naturally derived ingredients are directed at all the main causes of spongy and sagging skin:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Too much water accumulation
  • The clumping together of fat cells

The gel is light, non-greasy, and well absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.

Results You Can See and Measure:


The thinning effect of PRO-SVELTYL®*, a major component of Cellulite-Control Toning Gel was evaluated by measuring thigh circumference after 28 days of twice-daily treatment and after 56 days of twice-daily treatment for the hips and abdomen. Even without weight loss by the volunteers, PRO-SVELTYL®* reduced the appearance of:

  • Thigh circumference up to 2 cm. (approx 1″)
  • Abdominal circumference up to 5 cm.
  • Hip circumference up to 4.5 cm.

CELLULITE CORRECTION EXPERT GELcombines PRO-SVELTYL®* with other naturally derived ingredients (such as caffeine, yerba mate, and retinol) to give truly amazing results.

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