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VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO WITH STIMUCAP®*, DHT-blocker and Biotin promotes fuller, thicker-looking hair and leaves the hair healthy-looking, shiny, and manageable. Suitable for all hair types, Volumizing Shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate-free and paraben-free to meet the latest important consumer trends for more natural and safe products.


VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO WITH STIMUCAP® delivers multiple benefits as its unique combination of ingredients does much more than just cleansing.

Clinical studies on Stimucap®*, one of the key ingredients, gave results that can be seen and measured. These photos are taken from the clinical information sheet provided by the Italian manufacturer of the ingredient (available upon request)

Before and after the application of Stimucap Lotion:


Aside from the Stimucap®* ingredient, Volumizing Shampoo contains the DHT blocker saw palmetto and biotin which have references for promoting thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Also enriched with panthenol and olive leaf extract, the shampoo repairs and thickens hair. Olive leaf extract also has been shown to strengthen the hair against mechanical brushing and blow drying.


VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO WITH STIMUCAP® leaves the hair healthy, shiny, manageable and fuller-looking. Enriched with hair revitalizing and moisturizing ingredients the shampoo helps repair and thicken hair. The product is paraben-free and sodium lauryl sulphate free, meeting the latest product trends for gentler and more natural products.

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